Willy Wonka is crashing your wedding. Not Willy himself but his namesake sweets – in the form of candy buffets, which are all the rage at today's receptions. So, if you're getting married soon and looking for a way to add a little something extra to your wedding read on, and we'll share all the juicy (and sugary ... creamy ... gooey) details to help you create a foolproof and impressive candy and sweets buffet.

While your candy buffet is in no way intended to rival that five-tier black forest-lemon chiffon-red velvet layered cake that you've dreamed of all your life, the myriad sweets should still be a showstopper and compliment the other features of the wedding. "Guests are always thrilled to see a table artfully lined with sweets," says Jale Tweedy, owner of Petite Pea Catering & Fine Foods. "Although an added expense, providing a buffet of sweets can enhance the reception experience if done properly."

On the surface, it can seem that the buffet table is a bit ostentatious; however, it offers the couple a chance to further tell their wedding story. "Let the buffet reflect the tastes and personalities of the bride and groom," Tweedy says. "Tie in the candy choices and display with the wedding décor or theme." Candy buffets can reflect the wedding location, a corresponding scheme of colors, or one single color. Tweedy recommends choosing about five to 10 candies or sweets that stay focused on the chosen theme.

As important as it is to select the candies that represent your theme, it's just as important to make sure you purchase enough. One of the biggest mistakes couples make is basing the amount of candy on the number of guests. "If there isn't enough candy, the table can look like an afterthought, especially when every other wedding detail has been perfected," explains Tweedy. She recommends treating it more like you would a flower arrangement and plan with your eye." Start with the table and choose some unique containers that will add drama and appeal through height and balance. From there, select the types and quantity of sweets you desire - which can range from exotic truffles to corner-store candy. Another tip: let the buffet double as the party favor and include keepsake containers for guests to bring candy home.

Most importantly, get creative, have fun and really personalize the candy buffet. The more thought put into it the better the result will be and the more it will reflect you as a couple. By following some basic guidelines you'll make sure your guests will be blown away. Don't just let them eat cake – but a bag full of M&Ms too!