It’s your first time in Tucson. You’re here for your best friend’s wedding, but don’t know where to go or what to do in the meantime! Destination managers, Microvacations, are here to help.

“Let’s say the bride and groom have guests in town that don’t know Tucson,” says Peter Tsai, founder and owner. “We can work with the bride, groom, or wedding planner to put packages together for the group. While they prepare for their wedding, we can take their guests to dinner and entertainment—whatever sort of experience that they want. If you want a bachelor or bachelorette party, we can try to take that from off your plate, too.”

Microvacations lives up to their name, curating an experience delicately crafted to your tastes. Gone is the time and money wasted spending hours looking for an exciting excursion on your own, only to be disappointed. The tastemakers at Microvacations will find the right restaurant and events for you. As a full-service destination management company, Tsai expresses that, “We will pick you up, take you to dinner, take you to your event, and then bring you back.”

Tsai founded Microvacations to cut back on your inner monologue. Questions like “Where do I go?”, “How do I get there?”, “What will I do there?” are cast aside as Microvacations takes care of that for you. The Microvacations team will stay with you and show you to Tucson or Phoenix’s finest. They are your all-in-one experience coordinators who will bring you to the best of what our cities have to offer and back.

Tsai expresses, “I would go to a conference in a great city like Atlanta or Dallas and just sit in my hotel room unsure of what to do. Who knows what’s for you in a city that’s new to you, or that you don’t know your way around? We’re a turnkey business who will prepare packages and answer these questions for you.”

Besides your wedding guests, Microvacations also serves as a destination management company for local businesses. “We can help small businesses with their conferences and events. We can say, ‘Hey, we can help those 10 or 20 people you’re bringing into town.”

The Microvacations team are local residents of the Tucson and Phoenix areas who know what makes our cities special. They know the what’s-what on local dining and entertainment venues that others probably don’t. With the help of their professionals, you can rest assured that you will have a one of a kind, once in a lifetime experience catered specifically towards you. Along the way, you can get to know other attendees and begin forming your Arizona network!

Microvacations’ services are more personal than your standard event planning company. They offer a variety of different vacation package options for you to choose from in your downtime before or after an event, like your big wedding day. Don’t waste any more time stuck in your hotel room, second-guessing where to go and what to do. Make your own “Microvacation”!

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Microvacations’ services are more personal than your standard event planning company.