White will probably never lose its place in a wedding, but a growing number of brides are turning to color to help personalize their special day. From a pop of color on a white or ivory wedding gown, to entire themes that carry throughout the flowers, decor, favors and accessories, you can use color to set the mood for guests or make a statement about your personal style.

"Brides are embracing color as another way to customize their weddings," says Ray Miller of MyWeddingReceptionIdeas.com. "Customizing with color offers brides such a range of creativity. They can choose colors that honor their heritage, evoke the atmosphere of a specific place, or celebrate a memory or experience that is special to the wedding couple."

If you'll be saying your "I do's" in 2011, Miller offers some advice for using color to help create the wedding of your dreams.

Tips for choosing a color: "When it comes to choosing colors for your wedding – whether it's for accessories, table linens, bridesmaid gowns or even a wedding gown accent - the only unbreakable rule should be that you must love the colors you choose," Miller says. Keep in mind, however, that different colors will create different moods and not all colors will feel like a good fit for your wedding depending upon where and when you have it.

For example, if your goal is to create a wedding that captures the fresh, innocent aura of spring, vibrant red table linens and ice-blue bridesmaids' gowns will be in conflict with that atmosphere. "Certain colors are traditionally associated with each season," Miller notes. "If you're emphasizing a seasonal effect, keep in mind the colors that the natural world wears during that season."

Colors that will be popular this spring and summer include hot pink, apple green, celadon, pine green, clementine orange and yellow. Heading into fall, look for amber, chestnut, dark tangerine and brick red. Winter weddings will sport colors ranging from Santa's suit red and Christmas tree green to oyster gray, ice blue and pale purple.

Carrying it through: Once you've chosen your wedding colors, you'll need to think about how you'll use them – in both the ceremony and reception. Your creativity will serve you well here. Your wedding colors can be used in virtually every aspect of your big day, from the bridal bouquet and decor in the ceremony location, to table linens and accessories for the reception.

Accessory collections are an easy way to carry your chosen color throughout the wedding. For example, at My Wedding Reception Ideas.com, you'll find accessory collections cataloged by color. These collections allow you to continue your color theme - whether it's a traditional shell pink, a rich royal purple or even camouflage - with color-specific accessories such as flower girl baskets, ring bearer pillows, guestbooks and garters. What's more, you can customize table linens and even guest favors using your chosen colors.

Wedding gowns and color: For decades in America, white and ivory have reigned when it comes to wedding gowns. However, the color trend that began last year with pops of color appearing on bridal fashion runways has continued in 2011. This year, brides have more options than ever if they're looking to use color to make a personal statement with their wedding gown.

From gowns that feature beading and crystals in sparkling hues, to floral accents that capture a season's signature colors, and even bodices or skirts in contrasting colors, bridal gowns in 2011 are going colorful.

If you've already chosen a traditional white or ivory gown, you can still dress it up with your wedding color. A simple sash or floral accent that matches your color theme will look great against the pure, fresh background of white. And if you haven't yet chosen a gown, you may just discover one with a touch of color that can become the color theme for your entire wedding.