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In this edition of the Tucson Bridal Expo & Guide, we will explore some of the upcoming vendors that will be attending this year's Expo.  Mark your calendars for February 2023 - the Expo is just around the corner!


The color of love


White will probably never lose its place in a wedding, but a growing number of brides are turning to color to help personalize their special day. From a pop of color on a white or ivory wedding gown, to entire themes that carry throughout the flowers, decor, favors and accessories, you can use color to set the mood for guests or make a statement about your personal style.

"Brides are embracing color as another way to customize their weddings," says Ray Miller of "Customizing with color offers brides such a range of creativity. They can choose colors that honor their heritage, evoke the atmosphere of a specific place, or celebrate a memory or experience that is special to the wedding couple."


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